LYDIA JOHNSON DANCE : Lydia Johnson Dance New York Season 2022


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Lydia Johnson Dance New York Season 2022


10 Dancers / 3 PREMIERES set to music by Chopin, Ethel, Henryk Gorecki and The Bad Plus.

“Johnson is a craftsman and a poet; her works, which stress the ensemble and attend closely to the music, have an ebb and flow in addition to a strong emotional current. The basis of her technique is ballet, and her dancers are strong.” ~ The New Yorker

“Among current choreographers, Lydia’s work bristles and blooms with a poignant sense of humanity. There’s nary a trace of theatricality in her dances; rather, she uses the music as a canvas on which emotions – both the deep and the subtle – are painted. Expressions of tenderness (so lacking in our lives today), hope, remorse, uncertainty, and the frailty of the human heart well up on the music, sometimes unexpectedly.” ~ Philip Gardner, Oberon’s Grove

“What seems to count most for Ms. Johnson is music. The four pieces…all showed uncommon skill at matching ballet movement to music, both at the large scale of structure and in small, felicitous details.” ~ Brian Seibert, The New York Times

Dancers: Guest Artist Craig Hall, Laura DiOrio, Minseon Kim, Katie Lohiya, Chazz Fenner-McBride, Michelle Lauren Siegel, Catherine Gurr, Emily Sarkissian, Amanda Egan, Willy Laury, Michael Miles, McGee Maddox, Ali Block, Lindsey L. Miller

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