Netta Yerushalmy

Paramodernities (3 Installments)

New York Live Arts Studios
Jan 7th at 7 PM
Tickets start at $10

Presenters please RSVP here.
Live Artery studio showing, for the full theatre performance later this season please click here.

Yerushalmy’s acclaimed PARAMODERNITIES series returns to Live Artery with a showing of three installments (75 minutes, Open to presenters only). In this unique project, iconic modern choreographies are deconstructed and performed alongside contributions by scholars and writers who explore foundational tenets of modern discourse, such as sovereignty, race, feminism, and disability. One installment uses Alvin Ailey’s “Revelation” to examine coercion as concept and embodiment, another positions Vaslav Nijinsky’s “Le Sacre du Printemps” as a political turning point, the third reflects on Bob Fosse’s “Sweet Charity” through the lens of taste intertwined with sex and spectacle.

The PARAMODERNITIES multigenerational cast of collaborators includes the following esteemed dancers and scholars:

Michael Blake
Gerald Casel
Marc Crousillat
Thomas F. DeFrantz
Joyce Edwards
Brittany Engel-Adams
Julia Foulkes
Stanley Gambucci
Taryn Griggs
Magdalena Jarkowiec
Georgina Kleege
David Kishik
Nicholas Leichter
Mara Mills
Claudia La Rocco
Jeremy Jae Neal
Carol Ockman
Hsiao-Jou Tang
Megan Williams