Afternoon Delight by Dirty Looks

Stadt Der Verlorenen Seelen (City of Lost Souls)

New York Live Arts Theater
Mar 17 at 2:30pm
Tickets start at $10

Directed by Rosa Von Praunheim, 16mm on dv, 91min., 1983.
Angie Stardust has a lot on her plate, running a boarding house called Pension Stardust filled with misfit lodgers: an erotic trapeze duo, a magikal group therapist, assorted layabouts, nymphomaniacs and Lila (Jayne County), a Southern blonde who dreams of Hollywood. These tenants also staff Angie’s fast food enterprise, Burger Queen. But when Lila gets knocked up by a Communist who promises to make her a superstar on East Berlin television, the real havoc ensues. Rosa Von Praunheim directs this mostly American cast in a trans musical spectacular that has been described as “Hedwig and the Angry Inch… in reverse.”