Betty Yu, Tanya Selvaratnam, Erin Markey, Xenobia Bailey, & Emily Johnson

How Do We Prepare For Trump’s Second Term?

New York Live Arts Studios
APR 22, 3:30PM
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In a remarkably short span of time, President Donald J. Trump has transformed our culture. His achievement is not measured in his ability to build a border wall, heighten mass incarceration, impose a travel ban, or launch a military strike against North Korea. It is that these ideas are now seriously discussed and debated, when two years ago that would have been impossible. Do progressives have a viable and strategic response to his next presidential campaign?  Are artists key to helping shape that response? Choreographer/Dancer Emily Johnson, multimedia artist/ film maker/activist Betty Yu, performance artist and comedian Erin Markey, and visual artist Xenobia Bailey will discuss these questions and others. Moderated by writer, actor, producer, activist Tanya Selvaratnam.
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