Season at a glance

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March 5 - March 31
The Future is Present: A Casting the Vote Project

“We projected ourselves into a future in which we are loved absolutely and we rehearsed our lives there.” The Future Is Present is a process and a practice, it’s a model for building community in a very...

Launching Spring 2021
Ari Melenciano: Baïlaurâ

Live Feed Creative Technologist in Residence Ari Melenciano’s Baïlaurâ uses computer vision, machine learning, modular synthesis, and human-computer movement interactivity to modulate algorithms that produce symbolic meaning through a quantum-mechanics-inspired pixel analysis. In its simplest essence, movements in response to the synthesized soundscape are converted into data and interpreted into...

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Curating the End of the World: Red Spring

Scholar Reynaldo Anderson, and curators Sheree Renée Thomas, Danielle L. Littlefield, and Dacia Polk with Black Speculative Arts Movement, return to New York Live Arts with an online exhibition titled Red Spring; a follow up to...

On View Now - Spring 2021
@ New York Live Arts Lobby
HYSTERIA (Installation)

On view now: Outdoor in-person viewing at New York Live Arts, 219 W 19th Street, New York, NY 10011 Raja Feather Kelly HYSTERIA Concept and Design by Raja Feather Kelly Photography by Kate Enman Film Editing by Laura Snow Sound for Performance by Raja Feather Kelly and Remy Kurs Lighting Design...