Open Spectrum Community Dialogues

An intimate conversational platform founded on the belief that cultural institutions can and should be a catalyst for societal transformation by participating in a world of ideas. Open Spectrum provides a space for community dialogue on the most vital issues facing our community today, engaging participants in active listening, constructive discourse and action planning.

Talking the Talk! Walking the Walk?

A conversation between Fran Lebowitz and Bill T. Jones, moderated by Mary Marshall Clark.

“In this era with its befuddling stream of changes, surprises and the most banal prescriptions for forward movement coming from every direction, I look forward to speaking with a true thinker and wit such as Fran Leibowitz. Unafraid to articulate uncomfortable positions, pierce pieties of every stripe and, in the process, expose hypocrisy and foolishness, Fran Leibowitz is a cultural light and just plain fun to banter with.”