Kristel Baldoz

Headshot photo of Kristel Baldoz. They are sitting portrait style against a brown wall with metal beams, facing the camera. They are wearing a black dress.

Kristel Baldoz is a Filipina-American artist from Delano, California, home to the Table Grape Strike. As a choreographer who works with ceramics, sculpture, film, and story- telling, she develops an aesthetic grounded in the textuality of objects, experimenting with how bodily movements translate into objects and how they become a conduit that materializes colonial relations. She was an EmergeNYC fellow at the Hemispheric Institute, artist-in-residence at Tisch/Danspace Residency and the Jonah Boaker Arts Foundation | Chez Bushwick, and a Brooklyn Art Exchange Space Grant Recipient. Recently, she was an artist-in-residence at Chautauqua Institution School of Visual Art and Motive Brooklyn. As a performer, she has worked with Reggie Wilson, Wilmer Wilson IV, and Alex Da Corte. She holds an MA in Arts Politics from New York University and a BA in Dance, Theater, and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley.