Lyme Nation

Regina Weichert is a writer, producer, videographer and performance artist.  After studying Art History as an undergraduate and Painting and Sculpture as a graduate student, she produced radio, video and print communications for CBS, Fortune 500 companies and museums.  
In 2004, Regina contracted Lyme disease, treated it promptly, and was told by doctors that she was well.  Five years later, so ill that she could barely stand, she learned that she still had Lyme.  As Regina's journey back to health took her across the country and around the world, she became interested in the themes of abandonment and transformation playing out in the lives of many Lyme patients  – and in the denial and misunderstanding of Lyme in society at large.  She founded Lyme Nation in 2013, to demand better for people with Lyme – in part through sharing images and stories of the illness through performance, traditional and social media.
There is a whole nation of people living with Lyme themselves or in loved ones – it's time we hear what they have to say.
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