Ren Guang-Yi (Master Ren)

As a senior student of Chen Xiao-Wang, Ren Guang-Yi (Master Ren) teaches and promotes the classical Chen family forms as taught by Chen Xiao-Wang. The forms include the 19 and 38 Movement Short Forms created by Chen Xiao-Wang; Lao Jia Yi Lu and Er Lu; Xin Jia Yi Lu and Er Lu; Tui Shou; and the variety of weapons forms including the straight sword, broad sword, spear and guan dao.

The style of Taijiquan taught is, of course, that of the Chen family, particularly as taught by Ren's teacher, Chen Xiao-Wang. Chen Style Taijiquan is noted for its fluid, coiling movements, punctuated with quick bursts of energy. This is the original style of Taijiquan, from which all the other styles, like Yang and Wu, ultimately derive. Taijiquan is a Chinese internal martial art system dating back to about 400 years, founded by a former Ming general, Chen Wang-Ting. As exercise, Taijiquan promotes health and relaxation through a series of continuous, flowing movements while providing powerful tools for self defense. Chen Xiao-Wang, Ren Guang-Yi's teacher, is a direct descendant of Chen Wang-Ting and the 19th generation leader of the family style.