In/Between 2019

New York Live Arts Theater
October 19, 2019
Free with RSVP
Please Respect the Reservation

In | Between is a group showcase co-curated by Yanira Castro and Martita Abril that assembles artists from the New York Foundation for the Art’s Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. In this showcase, alumni of the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program are gathering to share ideas on Live Arts stage. With the goal of reflecting on the multiplicity of their experiences, identities, practices, politics, these artists also speak to what holds them in common: the experience of displacement and disorientation and the work of communicating/finding/forming community. The artists in the showcase include Júlia Brandão, Floor Grootenhuis and Julian Louis Phillips, Robert Ó Shea, Lyto Triantafyllidou and Tina Wang.

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If you have a reservation, and will not be able to make the event for whatever reason, just let us know at least as soon as you can. You can reach the box office at 212.924.0077 or; we will shower you with thanks and offer your ticket to another member of the community. Thank you for Respecting the Reservation!