Renegade Performance Group


New York Live Arts Studios
Jan 6, 2-4pm

Presenters RSVP by emailing
Blackoutput, led by André Zachery and LaMont Hamilton, brings together a slew of young POC artists whose works are responding to our socio-political climate with artistic ingenuity and pushing the limits of form and presentation, while reconsidering the role of the spectator. Created specially for Live Artery, the showcase features works by Renegade Performance Group/André M. Zachery + LaMont Hamilton, Audrey Hailes, Samara Gaev and yon Tande.

André Zachery and LaMont Hamilton
Dapline! looks at the origins and continued practice of “the DAP” or dapping; the intricate handshakes that serve as greetings usually between Black men in the United States.

Audrey Hailes
A continuing movement inside the impact of America’s fetishization of Black tragedy. From a middle class Washington DC black, a look into the intimate role of spectacle in the construction of survival mechanisms.

Samara Gaev/Truthworker Theatre Company
Truthworker Theatre Company will perform excerpts from their provocative three-part body of work that depicts the prison industrial complex through the lens of a dozen youth directly impacted by mass incarceration. This trilogy, comprised of original hip-hop theatre productions, moves from the school-to-prison pipeline and youth criminalization, through the impacts and practices of solitary confinement, and into re-entry upon release.

yon Tande
Walk the (pink) Elephant: Traversing the Terrain is a meditative, progressive excerpt from the inaugural evening-length work currently being developed by Denizen Arts (yon Tande and Jude Sandy). Its tone is somber, reverential, mysterious, invoking witnessing a rare procession by a venerated elder in a moment of great transformation.