Faye Driscoll

Live Artery-New Untitled Work (work-in-progress)

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Driscoll’s newest performance work, she draws upon two prolific choreographies: the act of battle and the act of sex. We fight and we have sex and we love to watch others do these things, at an increasing remove.

She notes, “I’m curious about the messy flesh-under-the-fingernails fluid-sharing kind of physical impact, in contrast to, say, the impact of drone strikes or streaming porn.” Who or what do we allow to touch us now? Lovers, parents, friends, grocery store clerks, data miners, surveillance systems, facial recognition software? How are we altered? Where is our body, and how far does it extend?

Touch—the need for it, and our fear of it—the conflict in it, and complications of consent, are inquiries for this work. From there, we will build an uncanny physical language, along with live sound and guttural singing, costumes, objects, and more, all aimed at riling up the passive, numb, screened-out body.

We will use heightened modes of performativity, reformulations of proximity, and at times direct physical connection with the audience, to call us back to the complex ecosystem that is our skin. In doing so, we will invite audiences to abandon our sell-sell-sell, image-obsessed culture and reclaim our undefinable, emergent, unmarketable strangeness.

CREATIVE TEAM (in development)
Created by Faye Driscoll
Vocal composition by Ben Vida
Design by Jake Margolin and Nick Vaughan
Dramaturgy by Dages Juvelier Keates
Intimacy coordination by Yehuda Duenyas
Vocal coaching by Sean Donovan

Performed by James Barrett, Kara Brody, Marc Crousillat, Amy Gernux, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Jennifer Nugent

New York Live Arts Producer, Hannah Emerson Producer, George Lugg

New Untitled Work is Commissioned, Produced and Presented by New York Live Arts as part of the Randjelović /Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist Program (RCA), with lead support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.