Live Ideas: The Blue Room

Running the gamut from experimental DJ King Britt, to musician/performance artist Geo Wyeth, The Blue Room provides a space for artists and the larger community to mingle and listen, at 10:30pm, daily during the festival. Curated by Michael Azerrad, the editor of the acclaimed Talkhouse Music website, all events will take place at G Lounge (official partner for The Blue Room) and New York Live Arts. Thursday evening’s The Blue Room will feature a special pop-up performance in the Live Arts Theater by alternative indie rock group The Symptoms with special guest Laurie Anderson, prior to The Blue Room programming at G Lounge.  

The Line-Up

Wednesday, April 15
King Britt, DJ set
10:30pm, G Lounge

Thursday, April 16
Drew Daniel, DJ set
10:30pm, G Lounge

Friday, April 17
Glasser, DJ set
10:30pm, New York Live Arts Lobby

Saturday, April 18
Eliot Krimsky, DJ set
10:30pm, New York Live Arts Lobby

Sunday, April 19
Jonathan Toubin, DJ set and Geo Wyeth, music/performance
10:30pm, G Lounge

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