Monte / Muller MOVE!


Elisa Monte Dance and Jennifer Muller/The Works Join Forces to present three shared program performances of Monte / Muller MOVE! featuring five pieces—two world premieres, 18 dancers, five noted designers and live performances by composer/cellist Julia Kent. These two experienced and distinguished choreographers create work with powerful and highly original voices. Now at the height of their creative careers, they are presenting a diverse selection of work, including recent premieres and brand-new works.
As choreographers, they are distinctly different but share the sensibility of creating work that combines virtuosic movement with an expressive edge that touches the heart – work that dances full out yet speaks of both individual experiences and shared humanity. 
The 18 extraordinary performers push physical capability, standing out as individuals yet working in cohesive ensembles. Monte/Muller MOVE! offers the opportunity to experience two acclaimed dance companies together on one stage.

Shattered (Monte) captures the spirit and rhythm of Michael Gordon’s music. Dance Insider described Shattered  as, “so potent you almost sense the ashy aftertaste of a thunderbolt.”  The company forcefully captures the essence and energy of the piece – an engaging, complex tour-de-force performed with lightning speed and intensity.

Unstable Ground, (Monte) explores the feeling of universal instability permeating the world due to unexpected shifts in our environment and economy. This full company piece highlights our dependency on structures both natural and manmade that no longer may be able to help sustain our current way of life.

Volkmann Suite (Monte) is a tribute to the renowned photographer Roy Volkmann, whose photographs portray Elisa Monte dancers in beautiful, sensual images. The creative process of the dance was inspired by the still lives of Volkmann, his images given life through the movement. The work is a “Rodinesque” ode to dance.

Speeds (Muller), the signature piece of The Works' early years is danced to the original music of Burt Alcantara, a pioneer in computer-generated music. Based on the “change” of velocities Speeds  became known for the contrasts of its virtuostic dancing, casual spirit and  celebratory atmosphere.

Grass (Muller/World Premiere), loosely inspired by Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, expresses Whitman’s view that we are not individually separate but one entity with a need to evolve towards compassionate unity. All performances played live by composer/cellist Julia Kent.

The Works Gala 
Jun 19 at 7pm– 7:00 pm
For tickets call The Works at 212-691-3803 or Email:

Jennifer Muller and Elisa Monte's presentation of Monte/Muller MOVE! at New York Live Arts is made possible through New York Live Arts' Theater Access Program. The Theater Access program is a comprehensive subsidized rental program benefiting a diverse group of dance and theater companies and producing organizations.