Kiki Smith

Noctua, Corvus, Hydra, Filis

New York Live Arts Lobby

The Ford Foundation Live Gallery at New York Live Arts currently features Noctua, Corvus, Hydra, Filis, a commissioned, site-specific work by celebrated artist Kiki Smith. The monumental mural occupies a prominent wall in the New York Live Arts lobby, and is also visible from the street.
Noctua, Corvus, Hydra, Filis is a collage made from ink on Nepal paper with mica and methylcellulose glue. The mural features Hydra, the water snake (the largest constellation in the sky), with Corvus, the crow, Noctua, the owl, and Filis, the cat. The work brings whimsical visualizations to constellations that brighten the dark night sky.