Parades & Changes, Replays

Presented in partnership with Performa 09

“The performers are engaging, wanting, being, and embracing an emotion; what they seem to be saying is that if human sexuality has a façade, then it’s a sensual desire that breaks it. – The Transport

“I’ve spent a lifetime of passion and devotion probing the nature of dance and asking why it so important as a life force.” – Anna Halprin

In 1965, postmodern dance legend Anna Halprin’s Parades & Changes shook the dance world by challenging conceptions of nudity, stillness, and the “ceremony of trust” (as Halprin named it) between performers and audience. Originally banned in the United States, Parades & Changes has not been staged here since 1967. Today, French choreographer Anne Collod, in dialogue with Anna Halprin and original composer Morton Subotnick, is restaging this seminal work, bringing a highly acclaimed group of American and European performers together to relive this masterpiece in its new form, parades & changes, replays.

Performa 09 (November 1-22, 2009, New York City) is the third edition of the internationally acclaimed biennial of new visual art performance presented by Performa, a non-profit multidisciplinary arts organization dedicated to exploring the critical role of live performance in the history of twentieth century art and to encouraging new directions in performance for the twenty-first century.”