Ayako Takahashi | Ayalis In Motion

Pythagorean Peas

New York Live Arts Theater
$23 Tickets in Advance / $27 Tickets at Door

Pythagorean Peas is an evening-length physical theater piece that aims to highlight how we process our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses through characters inspired by the Grimm brothers’ folk tales including Snow White and Red Riding Hood. Focusing on the way these processes manifest somatically and mentally, the dancers specifically explore kinespheric connections to build cohesive relationships with others. Throughout the work, these fantastical characters embody common character flaws, attacking others or becoming passive-aggressive to hide their own weaknesses. As the work progresses, the performers share touch, space, and energy to show how these connections can influence others to share their own vulnerability. By challenging hegemonic perceptions of identity and bodies in motion, this work reveals inner landscapes and amplifies the need for vulnerability to develop deeper empathetic capacities across diverse communities.
Dancers: Sophie Allen, Erik Debono, Nikki Ervice, Mio Ishikawa, Emily Arden Jones, Jill Pajer & Tyus Southern

Assistant Director: Jill Pajer

Artistic Director: Ayako Takahashi