Studio Series: Lance Gries

Lance Gries’ Immanent Field, a collaborative work with Juliette Mapp and Diane Madden, is a trio that begins with the belief that there exists a primary field of conscious energy that pervades and connects everything. How do dancers, as masters of moving consciousness into action and form, access and create from this potentiality? How do time, space and content become differentiated through this active exchange? In Immanent Field, Gries in interested in creating a dynamic realization between what the performers and public sense as immaterial and witness as its material manifestation in dance as an art form. Using these explorations as a jumping off point, Gries views these seemingly intangible elements as essential formal ones, organizing them into a dance so they become the vital gestures of a choreography of experience. 

In-Process Talks moderated by Jodi Melnick (Friday) and RoseAnne Spradlin (Saturday).

The Studio Series offers an opportunity for research and development in a creative residency format, providing resources of time, space and a commission. The Studio Series is a research laboratory for physical explorations and new movement investigations with a focus on process, not final performance/product. The “performances” are intended to be informal public showings to share ideas with an audience in the intimate working space of the studio. Studio Series artists are curated internally by the Artistic Director in conjunction with Programming staff and guest curators from Urban Word NYC.

Studio Series receives generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.