Lakaï Dance Theatre

The Block: An Afro-Musical

New York Live Arts Theater

Lakaï Dance Theatre presents The Block: An Afro-Musical as part of the 2019–20 MIT Performing series. In The Block, the street becomes a stage for self-reflection on toxic masculinity, racial profiling, mental health, and violence, all as a means of community improvement. Through hip-hop and Afro-Diasporic movement styles, the performers challenge stigmas on black and brown vulnerability and the difficulties of asking for help. Developed from individual narratives of the director and performers, the script shares personal stories of hardships and triumphs experienced in a tough and violent yet ultimately creative and resilient urban community. The piece includes an original musical score composed by the company.

**For this production, there is a Discounted Admission price for People of Color (PoC). We encourage, but by no means require, People of Color (PoC) to select that price. We also encourage our non-PoC friends and allies to pay the standard general admission to participate in this gesture of awareness that contributes to an effort in offsetting the cost of subsidized tickets for PoC and those that are marginalized. Director Mckersin Previlus notes, “The arts should not be a luxury for the elite and upper class.” The ticketing model is suggested and self-identified, and there is absolutely no penalty for not accepting our suggestion.