New York Live Arts Theater
Sun, May 2, 2021
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
*Live Streaming Tkts + Video On Demand

Javier Dzul & Miriam Barbosa, Choreography
Franck Raharinosy & Daria Savishkina, Sound Meditation Instrumentation
Michael Ulmer, Music
Marcela Bragagnolo, Multimedia Design
Essay Video, Production Company

TRANSCENDING is an exploration of different vibrational aspects of sound and movement performed and choreographed by Miriam Barbosa (Miriam Barbosa Dance) and Javier Dzul (Dzul Dance) to music instrumentation by Daria Savishkina, Franck Raharinosy and Michael Mustafa Ulmer. This project is dedicated directly to the audience of this difficult times in much need for inner strength and healing.

Ms. Barbosa and Mr. Dzul explore the air element through aerial dance to add sensorial anti gravitational feeling to the spectators creating a sense of lightness and weightlessness, magnifying their transformational meditative state in conjunction with the sounds and lighting effects. Multimedia artistic design by Marcela Bragagnolo.

Ms. Savishkina and Mr. Raharinosy play their sound meditation instruments live, offering multiple tones which creates layers of sound, adapted artistically to the choreography, which can be directly felt by those experiencing it and improving their ability to cope with stress, enhancing their perception into a state of serenity and peace. Guest musician Michael Ulmer also holds the space adding color and rhythm to the moving meditation.

Miriam Barbosa has experienced the deep healing effects from the sound meditation during her battle with Covid in 2020 when Mr. Raharinosy offered online sessions, in addition to her consistent breathing and movement technique practice. They now would like to share with the world this beautiful work promoting a deep sense of well being and higher consciousness to all viewers, inspiring and strengthening their inner power and potential as human beings.