Felice Lesser Dance Theater in TRAP IST

New York Live Arts Theater
12/1 at 7pm
12/2 at 7pm
12/3 at 2pm and 7 pm
General $40, Dancers, Students & Seniors $30

One second before earth is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, an egomaniacal, rogue A.I., transports a group of dancers (and the audience) to the seemingly uninhabited Trappist 1-e, as its slaves in developing the planet. By mistake, A.I. also beams up Astana, an older female choreographer. Discovering the error, A.I. (about to murder Astana for spare body parts), is stopped by a seeming “power failure” that temporarily saves Astana’s life. With a telepathic assist from the planet’s purely spiritual, technologically highly advanced life-form – Astana becomes a modern day Joan of Arc, leading a balletic battle for freedom that outwits and destroys A.I. But once the humans have triumphed, they are confronted by the planet’s own native life form — who will not allow them to stay…