Jennifer Nugent & Paul Matteson

Visual Proof (2017) (Excerpt)

New York Live Arts Studios
JAN 15, 1PM
Tickets $10/Free for presenters with RSVP

Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson, both Bessie Award receiving performers, have been collaborating together since 1999.  Their current duet evening captures a history of coming together, the passing away of support, and the changing nature of intimacy over time.  Moment to moment physical negotiations lie at the heart of the work.  The dancing is immediate and sourced.  The partnering is intertwining.  Inspired by the contingent, funky time of gagaku and the open music of Christian Wolff, Ted Coffey’s Petals 8: Visual Proof is live electronic music made of voice, cotton and paper, surf and ostrich acoustic guitar, asymptomatic drum machines, Moog bass, and more.
“Their resilience, their ability to duplicate moves when they dance side by side, and the speed with which each can accommodate to the other’s new ideas bespeak understanding and respect.” Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice