Discounted Tickets available for Students, Seniors, and Members

Apr 7 after the 7:30pm show

20th Anniversary Alumni Celebration
Apr 8 at 7:30pm
$50 Ticket includes the exclusive reception
$20 performance only

Apr 9 at 7:30pm
$100 Ticket includes reception
$20 performance only
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ZOOM integrates dance, cell phones, video projection, a real-time web interface and live music. Conceived by Zvi Gotheiner and his artistic team, ZOOM shatters the wall between audience and performers, creating a new type of interactive performance environment. During performances of ZOOM, audience members take cell phone photos and text them to the visual designer, who projects them as real-time video collages. Text messages between audience and performers are also projected live in an exhilarating and unscripted dialogue. And without the use of spoken words, audience members are invited to cross the proscenium to take close-ups of the performers, finding themselves in a radically different relationship to the creative process. Video design by Tal Yarden, composition and live music by Scott Killian, lighting design by Mark London and costume design by Liz Prince.