FJK Dance

FJK Dance


Based in New York City, FJK Dance is a contemporary dance company founded in 2014 by Fadi J Khoury.

At FJK Dance, we believe in the simple beauty of movement––dance in its purest form. We’ve stripped away the glitter, pizzazz and complex theatrics and instead harness our bodies to create captivating installations of art.

Our choreography continually experiments with the fundamentals of various forms of dance. From classical ballet to ballroom, from Middle Eastern to jazz––we combine the essentials of each to create our own unique language. One that uses abstract body lines, forms and energy to communicate with our audience. FJK Dance performances never attempt to tell you a story. Our goal is to always make you feel it.

After years of training in both ballroom and contemporary ballet, Fadi J Khoury connected the two worlds to create the FJK Movement. At its core, FJK uses partnering techniques from Standard and Latin ballroom dance then fuses it with the extended lines and flow of contemporary ballet. Whether a group, duet or solo performance, FJK dancers move as if they are dancing in a pair. Action and reaction––every move is for the purpose of making a connection.

Photos: Jaqlin Medlock