Elisa Monte, Molissa Fenley, Margo Sappington and Jennifer Muller

Monte / Molissa / Margo / Muller – LIVE!

New York Live Arts Theater
Jun 14-18 at 7:30pm
$40.00 (limited seats at $20)/$32 early bird until May 20th

Elisa Monte Dance, Molissa Fenley and Company, Margo Sappington and Jennifer Muller/The Works join forces to present a series of five Shared Program Performances featuring 5 Pieces –  3 Premieres – and 25 Dancers.
Four distinguished and innovative choreographers, at the height of their careers, each with a powerful original voice, present an eclectic evening of dance. The 25 extraordinary performers stand out as individuals in each piece yet come together to create a evening of dance.

The Four M’s offer an amazing opportunity to experience four acclaimed choreographers and their exceptional dancers together on one stage!

THE THIRD COAST and MALI (Molissa Fenley)
Molissa Fenley and Company – The Third Coast (parts 1 and 2) and Mali (part 8) of Water Table (2015-2016). The dances of Water Table present the qualities of water, the abundance or lack of pure water in a geographical area or the conditions and patterns of large bodies of water. The Third Coast, music by Ryuichi Sakamoto; Mali, music by Laetitia Sonami.

DEXTRA DEI  (Elisa Monte Premiere)
From the Choreographer: “Dextra Dei was started in 1989 as a response to what was then the AIDS assault on my community of friends. It was a men’s quartet premiered in Palais des festivals et des Congres, Cannes, France. I have decided to bring the work back into my repertoire as well as premiere a new section of the work. ” Music by Tibor Szemzo.

ENTWINED  (Margo Sappington)
Entwined – to wind or twist together – A sensual exploration involving not just the body but the spirit in a dance at once extremely physical and exquisitely delicate. The mood is set by the serenity of Erik Satie’s solo piano compositions, the Gnossiennes. Music by Erik Satie.

WORKING TITLE (Jennifer Muller Premiere)
“I have been thinking about the difficulty of defining relationship in today’s world. Types of partnership have changed and can range from cursory to deeply involved. Any significant relationship requires constant work to avoid conflict and misunderstanding but often we don’t have or are not willing to put it in the time. To further complicate matters, once we give in to intense emotion, it can thwart communication, confound hope and affect intimacy.” – from the choreographer. With origins as a subway performer, Yut and the Hot Four’s passionate music, played live on stage, heightens the intensity of the piece.