Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY x Kyle McDonald : discrete figures 2019


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discrete figures 2019


New York City premiere of discrete figures 2019 by Japanese companies Rhizomatiks Research and ELEVENPLAY, and American media artist Kyle McDonald as the feature performance of the 2019 annual Live Ideas.  This year’s festival, titled AI: Are You Brave Enough for The Brave New World? runs May 8-12. More programming to be announced in early March 2019.

Five live female dancers execute choreography with machine learning technology on a stage designed for interactivity between performers, drones, and Artificial Intelligence, in the quest for a new palette of movement to foster undiscovered modes of expressive dance that transcend the limits of conventional human subjectivity and emotional expression.

Inspired by mathematician Alan Turing, this expansive multidisciplinary collaboration between contemporary mathematicians, dancers, media artists, composers, and engineers has created a complex experimental augmented reality performance. Truly a first of its kind, discrete figures probes the circuitry connecting the corporeal to the cognitive, questioning the very essence of humanity and machine. Having garnered an international following for their many groundbreaking collaborations that meld conceptual and high-tech innovation, Rhizomatiks Research and ELEVENPLAY forge unexplored possibilities in dance as a performing art.

Stay Late Conversation with Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks), MIKIKO (ELEVENPLAY), and Kyle McDonald, moderated by Bill T. Jones. Stacy Smith will be the interpreter for this conversation.

Rhizomatiks x ELEVENPLAY x Kyle McDonald at GRAY AREA
discrete figures (2018)

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Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY x Kyle McDonald